Talk Like a Pirate at Ship Tavern

Ahoy matey!  Today, September 19th, is Talk Like A Pirate Day, and if ye’ be a true scurvy dog, you’ll want to celebrate this day with the rest of your crew at Ship Tavern for some rum, whiskey, or whatever yer pirate heart may desire.

Home to the region’s best prime rib that will curb the appetite of even Black Beard himself, Ship Tavern serves lunch and dinner in a vintage pub atmosphere. An excellent choice for sports viewing or swashbuckling, the Tavern features exceptional micro-brewed beer and wine selections.

And if ye’ be homesick for the high seas, you’ll feel right at home with our nautical decor, where you can admire the many ships that line our walls.

We be serving up hearty meals this afternoon and evening, so head on down to Ship Tavern and grab a bite….or else we’ll make you walk the plank.

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