A Few Things We Love about Denver’s Beer Culture

It’s no secret that the craft beer culture here in Denver is booming. From home-brewers to some of the largest craft breweries in the world, Denver is crazy about beer. And with 18 Denver breweries currently under operation and 15 more in the process of starting up, it is quite evident that this will continue to be the trend for a long time to come.  Craft brewing will only continue to get more and more attention as the beer gets better and the establishments become more enticing hangout spots for local Denverites and visitors alike.

Now to honor the beer-crazy culture here in Denver, we here at The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa have a list of the 5 things we love the most about Denver and its beer. Check it out!

The beer itself. Regardless of what kind of ale or lager you are on the hunt for, you can find it here in Denver. And probably much more than you ever could imagine. As craft brewers continue to push the limits on what they can do with a beer and its flavor, they only continue to surpass our expectations. Ales and lagers have become more than your traditional beer, they have become a work of art.

The beer drinkers. What would a beer culture be without the beer drinkers themselves? Nothing. Denver is home to a wide variety of personalities and types of beer drinkers but one thing you can count on is that on any given day you are more than likely to find them in a local taproom or at home enjoying their favorite seasonal brew. The Denver beer drinkers have created this culture and will continue to keep it going for years.

The breweries. Like we said before, Denver now has 18 craft breweries with over 15 more in the works. That means more people are turning in their day jobs to become brewers and they have good reason to. Breweries like Denver Beer Co., Strange Brewing Company and Wynkoop Brewing Company deliver with some truly unique beers and taprooms to go along. These breweries are more than your everyday bar, they have become staples to local Denver neighborhoods.

The beer inspired events. With all the beer being brewed here in Denver, events and parties revolving around these same beers come a dime a dozen and we can’t complain. Perhaps the largest of all beer events is the Great American Beer Festival which brings together beer drinkers from around the world to sample over 2,000 different American beers. Mark your calendars because the GABF will be back in Denver from October 11-13, 2012.

We like it so much we joined it. Last September The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa paired with Denver’s first brewpub, Wynkoop Brewing Company, to craft the Rooftop Honey Saison. This limited-edition batch of beer utilized over 75 pounds of honey from our rooftop honey bees. This Belgian-style saison boasts 6.5% ABV and a slightly spicy flavor that works to accentuate the honey flavor. Keep The Brown and Wynkoop on your radar in the coming months for more!

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