A $2 Million Dream

History is something that The Brown Palace does not lack. After 4 years of construction, $1.6 million in design and $400,000 more in furnishings for the hotel, it is was and continues to be one of the most magnificent hotels in the world. In 1892 The Brown Palace was fitted with the following furnishings:

  • The furniture was solid white mahogany, antique oak, and cherry wood.
  • The chairs and sofas were covered in silk.
  • The carpets were Axminster, Wilton, and Brussels.
  • The curtains were made of Irish Point, Cluny, and Brussels.
  • The china consisted of Haviland, Limoges, and Royal Doulton.
  • The silver was Reed and Barton.

Each of the 400 rooms in The Brown boasted these furnishings and were evenly divided by price: 100 at $3 a night, 100 at $4 a night, 100 at $4.50 a night, and 100 at $5 a night. In each of these rooms guests were provided with their own fireplace and were given kindling and coal per request.

But the grand spectacle of The Brown Palace was the 300-mile panorama of the Rocky Mountains that awaited each guest who stepped foot into the 8th floor dining room. The room was two stories high, with stained glass in fruit designs above each window and onyx wainscoting.

This spectacular design was finished just in time for The Brown to host its first guests ever, the 25th Triennial Conclave of Knights Templar, on August 12, 1892. These guests were treated to a formal banquet which entailed a 7-course meal at $10 a plate and over 227 wines, mineral waters, and champagne.

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