Artist Paintings of The Brown Palace

We sat down with one Denver’s premier local artists, Barbara Froula to explore her watercolor and oil studies that include landscape and historical sites from around the world, including masterpieces of our very own Brown Palace. The renowned artist shares her journey, inspiration, and painting exercises with us in this exclusive interview.

Tell us a little bit about your experience?

I hold a degree in Architecture, which has a strong influence on what I am attracted to paint and the style in which I paint. My mediums are primarily watercolor, oil, and egg tempera.  As a student, I spent over a year studying Architecture and painting in Europe while on a Rotary Scholarship. This was a wonderful opportunity to develop my personal approach to painting. Over the past thirty years I have painted for so many honorable organizations, including The Brown Palace Hotel, Historic Denver Inc., The Anchutz Corporation, and the DCPA. At times my work has supported the preservation of Denver’s historic buildings such as the Mayan theatre.

Where do you seek inspiration? 

I am inspired by the urban landscape and historic architecture of Denver, by mountain town settings, by the color and topography of the Southwest landscape – and even my own flower garden.

What are three things we can attain from incorporating art into our lives?

1. A visual journey,

2. A new way of looking at the world,

3. Joy!!!

Tell us about the projects you’ve worked on with The Brown Palace.

This year the hotel commissioned an oil painting of the exterior building, and in the past they have commissioned paintings of the famous Eisenhower Suite and the Churchill Bar. Cards are currently being published of the images for the hotel gift shop. Working with The Brown’s Mr. Pitton and Lisa Bartnicki has been an absolute pleasure!

How can people learn more about your work?

Locals and guests of The Brown Palace may visit my own gallery conveniently located near Washington Park, which is open Fridays from 10:00am to 1:00pm. If you can’t make it in, check out my portfolio online at

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