Dems Do Denver

Denver hosted its first Democratic National Convention in July of 1908. The Brown welcomed the Nebraska delegation, including the brother of the party’s presumptive nominee, William Jennings Bryan (In those days, it was customary for the nominee himself to steer clear of the actual nominating convention). Key members of New York’s powerful Tammany Hall contingent, including “Boss” Charles F. Murphy, also headquartered at The Brown for the 1908 DNC. Wagonloads of snow brought down from the mountains to the new City Auditorium were intended to cool off the delegates. Instead, they provided ammunition for heated snowball fights.

A century later, Denver hosted the DNC once again. Though the Obamas were assigned to another downtown hotel, The Brown accommodated the Clintons and a plethora of Kennedys, along with a galaxy of celebrities, during the 2008 Mile High convention.

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