Head For The Hills – Featured Day Hikes Near Denver – #ExactlyLikeNothi...

Staunton State Park – One of the newest parks in the Region, Staunton offers a variety of trails where you can experience a leisurely stroll or a “workout hike”. 45 minutes from Downtown

Staunton State Park

Eldorado Canyon Trail – The Walker Loop Hike affords visitors picturesque views and some great climbing areas too. 40 minutes from downtown

Eldorado Canyon Trail

Red Rocks State Park – Home to the World renowned Red Rocks Amphitheatre it is also part of the Denver Park System. Walk past spectacular rock formations that are part of what is left of the original Rocky Mountains. 25 minutes from downtown

Red Rock State Park

Golden Gate Canyon State Park – There are twelve different trails to choose from here and quintessential Colorado views abound. 45 minute from downtown

Golden Gate State Park

Useful, interactive website for hikes in the Region – http://dayhikesneardenver.com 

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