The Brown Palace’s Eisenhower Suite

Since 1905, almost every U.S. president has visited The Brown Palace Hotel. That’s why it’s only fitting that our three presidential Denver hotel suites – each refurbished in 2000 – should be named for three former presidents.  Located on the top two floors of the hotel, these beautiful dwellings are referred to as the Eisenhower Suite, Roosevelt Suite, and Reagan Suite.

Each suite is completely unique, and offers stunning décor amid spectacular surroundings. President Eisenhower used the hotel as his summer headquarters during his administration, and the suite named after him is one of a kind. With a light atmosphere, complimented with warm, clean tones, the Eisenhower Suite provides a welcoming and comfortable experience for guests.  If you stay here, make sure to take a close look at the fireplace.  President Eisenhower loved to golf, and a wayward golf ball – or perhaps an interrupted back swing – made a dent in the fireplace mantel in the Eisenhower Suite. That piece of the mantel remains in the suite framed as a souvenir.