The Brown Palace Presents Our 125th Anniversary Whiskey

Over a century, The Brown Palace has perfected the art of luxury and service. To commemorate our 125th anniversary, we are proud to present our exclusive small batch American single malt whiskey crafted by Denver’s own Stranahan’s Distillery and made with The Brown Palace’s own artesian water. Be among the first to sample the rich flavor and toast with us to 125 years of signature experiences.

Stranahan’s Distillery specializes in distinctively smooth and flavorful American single malt whiskey. Using only the finest resources, their whiskey is made from four ingredients: 100% malted barley, yeast, Rocky Mountain water, and time in the barrel. The barrels are then hand-selected by a Master Distiller, ensuring that every batch of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is of the highest quality and distinction.

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