The Ultimate Team Bar List!

From alumni sponsored watch parties to informal gatherings at local watering holes!

Atlanta Flacons – Fainting Goat
Baltimore Ravens – Chopper’s
Buffalo Bills – Back East Sports Bar, Lodo’s (Downtown), Icehouse
Carolina Panthers – Shelby’s
Chicago Bears – Wymans No. 5 (All Pro – Chicago Teams)
Chicago Cubs – Prohibition
Cincinnati Bengals – Irish Snug
Cleveland Browns – Streets of London
Dallas Cowboys – Jackson’s
Detroit Lions – Candlelight Tavern
Green Bay Packers – Stoney’s, Swanky’s
Houston Texan’s – Society Sports & Spirits
Minnesota Vikings – Cap City
New England Patriots – Blake Street Tavern, The Elm (All Pro – Boston Teams)
New Orleans Saints – Stoney’s
New York Giants – Tavern Platt Park
New York Jets – Stoney’s
Oakland Derpies – Cowboy Lounge
Pittsburgh Penguins – Society Sports & Spirits
Pittsburgh Steelers – Rusty Bucket, Society Sports & Spirits
San Francisco 49ers – Tavern Downtown
Seattle Seahawks – Blake Street Tavern



College –
Alabama – College Inn
Arizona – Milwaukee Street Tavern
Arizona State – Blake Street Tavern
Arkansas – Society Sports & Spirits
California – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Central Florida – Blake Street Tavern
Clemson – Tavern Downtown
Colorado – Blake Street Tavern, Tavern Tech Center
Colorado State – Rock Bottom
Florida – Jackson’s
Georgia – Park Burger (RINO)
Georgia Tech – Tavern Lowry
Houston – Society Sports & Spirits
Indiana – Blake Street Tavern
Iowa Hawkeyes – Prohibition, Sports Column
Iowa State – Society Sports & Spirits
Louisiana State – Blake Street Tavern
Louisville – Blake Street Tavern
Miami – Tavern Downtown
Michigan – Lodo’s (Downtown)
Michigan State – Blake Street Tavern
Nebraska – Cap City
Northwestern – Blake Street Tavern
Notre Dame – Blake Street Tavern
Ohio State – Hayters, Lodo’s (Highlands Ranch)
Oklahoma – Stoney’s
Oklahoma State – McLoughlin’s
Ole Miss – Society Sports & Spirits
Oregon – Jackson’s
Purdue – Icehouse
South Carolina – Don’s Club Tavern
Syracuse – Blake Street Tavern
TCU – Tavern Wash Park
Tennessee – Tavern Platt Park
Texas – Chopper’s
Texas A&M – Icehouse
USC – Blake Street Tavern
Washington – Blake Street Tavern
Wisconsin – Swanky’s

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