Our Guide to the Best Sports Bars in Denver

Root for the home team—even when you’re away from home. Sure, you’ll find the locals cheering on our beloved Broncos, Nuggets, and Rockies, but you can also catch almost any game at the many popular bars around town.

During your stay at The Brown Palace, display your fandom with pride at some of the best sports bars in Denver (and don’t forget to stop by Ship Tavern while you’re in town).


Professional Teams:

Atlanta Flacons – Fainting Goat

Baltimore Ravens – Chopper’s

Buffalo Bills – Back East Sports Bar, Lodo’s (Downtown), Icehouse

Carolina Panthers – Shelby’s

Chicago Bears – Wymans No. 5 (All Pro – Chicago Teams)

Chicago Cubs – Prohibition

Cincinnati Bengals – Irish Snug

Cleveland Browns – Streets of London

Dallas Cowboys – Jackson’s

Detroit Lions – Candlelight Tavern

Green Bay Packers – Stoney’s, Swanky’s

Houston Texan’s – Society Sports & Spirits

Minnesota Vikings – Cap City

New England Patriots – Blake Street Tavern, The Elm (All Pro – Boston Teams)

New Orleans Saints – Stoney’s

New York Giants – Tavern Platt Park

New York Jets – Stoney’s

Oakland Derpies – Cowboy Lounge

Pittsburgh Penguins – Society Sports & Spirits

Pittsburgh Steelers – Rusty Bucket, Society Sports & Spirits

San Francisco 49ers – Tavern Downtown

Seattle Seahawks – Blake Street Tavern


College Teams:

Alabama – College Inn

Arizona – Milwaukee Street Tavern

Arizona State – Blake Street Tavern

Arkansas – Society Sports & Spirits

California – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Central Florida – Blake Street Tavern

Clemson – Tavern Downtown

Colorado – Blake Street Tavern, Tavern Tech Center

Colorado State – Rock Bottom

Florida – Jackson’s

Georgia – Park Burger (RINO)

Georgia Tech – Tavern Lowry

Houston – Society Sports & Spirits

Indiana – Blake Street Tavern

Iowa Hawkeyes – Prohibition, Sports Column

Iowa State – Society Sports & Spirits

Louisiana State – Blake Street Tavern

Louisville – Blake Street Tavern

Miami – Tavern Downtown

Michigan – Lodo’s (Downtown)

Michigan State – Blake Street Tavern

Nebraska – Cap City

Northwestern – Blake Street Tavern

Notre Dame – Blake Street Tavern

Ohio State – Hayters, Lodo’s (Highlands Ranch)

Oklahoma – Stoney’s

Oklahoma State – McLoughlin’s

Ole Miss – Society Sports & Spirits

Oregon – Jackson’s

Purdue – Icehouse

South Carolina – Don’s Club Tavern

Syracuse – Blake Street Tavern

TCU – Tavern Wash Park

Tennessee – Tavern Platt Park

Texas – Chopper’s

Texas A&M – Icehouse

USC – Blake Street Tavern

Washington – Blake Street Tavern

Wisconsin – Swanky’s