Stay in the Holiday Spirit with Our Favorite Winter Cocktail

Earlier this year, as a toast to The Brown Palace’s 125th Anniversary, we partnered with Denver’s finest craft distiller, Stranahan’s, to launch a small batch American single malt whiskey. Since then, it’s perhaps no surprise that we’ve become especially enamored with whiskey-centric drinks, such as the Manhattan, the Whiskey Sour, and the Old Fashioned. However, as our go-to winter cocktail, we turn to the Hot Toddy.

Often considered a cure for the common cold, the Hot Toddy’s appeal goes beyond the medicinal, offering sweet and spicy notes that are just-right for chilly days in Denver. While the perfect recipe for this cold-weather classic has always been open to a certain level of interpretation, the drink typically includes a soothing blend of hot water, lemon juice and honey, and a cinnamon stick or two. And, of course, your choice of alcohol—we recommend our own anniversary whiskey, if you’re lucky enough to grab a limited-edition bottle.

As soon as the temperature drops in Denver, a Hot Toddy made with The Brown Palace Stranahan’s whiskey is the perfect way to warm your bones all season long.

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